Thursday, April 19, 2018

The trip back

After my first Baron B55 flight to the Bahamas I settled on a different plane (Paint scheme) since Dan was using the same one I was. 7345 Romeo will do nicely/
 Out of Stella Maris' runway 13 you can get a look at the plane.
 Climbing out.
 A selfie.
 For some reason, maybe because it was nearing dusk, I got a lot of nice pictures this time.
 Just nice.
 Land Ho over Fort Lauderdale International.
 There's KFXE.
Moments from touchdown on runway 8.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Lucky Ones Ride Home

There's an old joke about flying out to "Vegas" for a gambling weekend and having to thumb a ride home. Yeah, sometimes you lose. Our charter service requires a nonrefundable payment for service in both directions. One way trips can be scheduled but the cost is way more than half of the two way trip.

North Las Vegas to Palm Springs.

We usually take off on 25, fly out to ISEC VEGKU before turning south for PSP.

Nice shot of a part of Las Vegas rarely seen by tourists.

A few minutes later and you can see "The Strip" and all that implies off in the distance.

The little jog to the west avoids a lot of hassle with McCarran traffic.

Lava beds east of Palm Springs.

Palm Springs area. The airport is off to my right. We'll continue south, make a right and line up for final on 31L.

A minute or less to go.

Here we are, parked at the GA terminal along with the other small guys.

Another view from the same spot. Really a pretty nice terminal.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Trying out the Baron B55

As I indicated in a comment on one of Dan's recent flights I got the MilViz BE55 Baron that he likes so much.  I already have the BE58 version from Carenado and of course having FSX the G58  version.  Okay, I'll admit to having a thing for Beech.  I also have the BE33, BE36, the Duke (even the turboprop re-do) and three King Airs, 90, 200 and 350!  Oh yes and the Premier counts too.
 I didn't get this one because the MilViz is supposed to be better than the Carenado.  They both fly pretty much the same it seems.  No this was because I just like the earlier Beech Baron's and Bonanza's better.  I like the panels better and I think they just look better aesthetically being shorter than their club seating more modern counter parts.
 So here I am on my first flight and all is normal.  I will say that MilViz documents their planes better but I've got so many Carenado's by now that I just have learned to figure them out myself.
 This Baron does not disappoint.
 I flew from KFXE at Ft. Lauderdale to MYLS in the Bahamas.  I'm recreating a Baron Pilot flight.
 And yes I suppose because he flies a BE55 I figured I needed one too.
 Nothing like a Beech!
This was my landing on the LNM.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

New Zealand Agricultural Plane

The Fletcher FU24-954EMD is built in New Zealand and used in agricultural operations. It is very much a STOL aircraft and sometimes used to perform aerobatics. Although not much speedier than a Cessna C172, she can carry a payload of 2000#. Low and slow, you get great views from a slide back canopy. Built for landing in rough terrain, it is a good choice to deliver goods to short grass strips.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Long Workweek

I'd finally gotten my buying trip completed and returned to Nanaimo (remember that wonderful Otter?) and finally rejoined my Baron for the flight back to the U.S. early (very early) this morning. I cleared U.S. Customs (still a bunch of self important clowns) at Jefferson Co. Intl, bummed a ride to Port Townsend with the airport manager, had breakfast with him, returned to 0S9 and was back in the air by 0900 and flew down to Montague CA before lunch.

Now it's time to finish the day. 1O5 to KHAF Half Moon Bay and home in time to catch the six o'clock news.

Is that Mt Shasta? I can never keep these things straight. That's what I pay the GPS to do.

Up to 11K feet to get over the mountains...

then down to 7K for the last 1/3 of the flight.

Not long now. The airport is just above the latch on my window vent.


Home before dark. 700 miles more or less. Sometimes flying is the only way to travel.

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Harbours (in Detail)

First please read my post just below. Thanks

Here are a few shots of Nanaimo and Squamish Harbors for your enjoyment.

Shots 1 & 2 are from Nanaimo Harbor, otherwise known as CAC8 Nanaimo Harbor Water Airport.

These next four are from the landing and taxi in at Squamish.

I mentioned earlier that the Otter is slow. The 50 mile flight took 45 minutes blocks to blocks--if a seaplane can be said to fly blocks to blocks at all. Cast off to cast off maybe? I love nautical talk.

Here's a shot from my forest operations trip. Impressive.

The Buyers Tour

Continuing my lumber buyers tour.

When last we spoke I had flown my Baron into Nanaimo BC, Canada and cleared customs there.

The reason for my trip north was to make a tour (by invitation only) at a major Irving lumber production facility at Squamish B.C. and while there visit one of Irving's forest camps northeast of Squamish itself. Think deep and remote forest.

I was to ride an Irving Forest Products contract Otter to Squamish itself and then my guide and I would drive to the forest camp site by Irving Land Rover. And this turned out not to be a luxury Range Rover but an antique and strictly industrial Land Rover.

That's me over to the left in this view. The headsets are strictly necessary. The Otter is loud (very loud), comparatively huge, and slow. It also can haul a huge amount of cargo and a perhaps a few passengers along with all those drums of oil and various industrial parts.

Leaving Nanaimo and you can get a glimpse of the industrial area of the city too.

On our way at 3000ft and again with a view of Nanaimo. The area we took off from is just above the right wing tip. We soon will drop down to 1500ft because of clouds as we near mainland B.C.

Oh, and we're cruising at a mighty 90 kts.

We're are about 25 nm from Squamish. We'll thread our way up that fjord straight ahead. According to the report from the Irving office the ceiling should be OK for us but is descending

We've got all those flaps hanging out for landing, descending at 60 kts and 1000 fpm and will land straight ahead, taxi up the fjord a little further, and tie up at the Irving ramp for unloading. I'm to be met by the mill manager in a Company power boat there also.

Here we are. My hotel for the next couple of nights is straight ahead.

My next post (above) offers views of the ports of Nanaimo and Squamish itself.