Monday, September 24, 2018

Old School

Just a few shots of the Manfred Jahn and team C-47 that I am using for hurricane relief flights. The model is top notch in every way.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

On to Beaufort

 It's just 72nm from Wilmington up to Beaufort, NC which is next door to Morehead City.
 We're off for there in the Bonanza.
 Over the beach nearing our destination.

 There's the airport and we'll be landing on runway 26
 Somehow I think the photo real would have looked better in this instance even though we are close to the ground
Okay, you're probably tired of seeing my landings, but  I like to analyze them.  This flight was VFR so I set it up myself.  No ATC telling me what to do.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

On to Wilmington

I'm flying my FEMA guys on north from Charleston.
 Off from KJZI we'll climb to 3000' IFR.
 Mostly we could see the ground albeit like this.
 Then there was a period of almost clear skies.
 But that went away before we got to Wilmington.
 This is how close the friendly folks at ATC got me to this tower????
 Ahh, we can still see the ground.
 Wilmington's airport.  ATC struck again when they failed to bring me down low enough.  They gave me a very short approach to runway 35 with no time to descend.  I called a missed approach and flew the thing again MY WAY and landed perfectly.
The chart shows my excursions around Wilmington.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hurricane Florence Flght II

"Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

The very deep did rot – Oh Christ!
That ever this should be.
Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs,
Upon the slimy sea."

Taken from S. T Coleridge's poem "The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner"

Water is the problem. You can see it, smell it and feel it. Sometimes too closely. Drink it? Don't even think about it. The problem is the slimy things that crawl, dwell and in general contaminate it. I'm flying water, pure, clean, certified safe water to the flood areas. The amount of clean water needed boggles the mind.

Lewisburg WV to Raleigh Exec at Sanford-Lee County. Or more simply KTTA.

Just off the ground for the short, one hour flight.

No I'm not banking, I'm bouncing. Wind and wx in general is still a problem over the flood areas.

Things look OK but if you're on the ground you'll find the bridge down there to be unsafe. Repairs will take a while.

Waiting to unload and then back to Lewisburg for more water.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Following Florence 1

It's 1:00pm Sunday afternoon, Sept. 16th.  We're in St. Augustine, FL and my passengers are a couple of FEMA investigators.  We'll be landing in Charleston, SC first.  The airport there opened an hour ago after some flooding and high winds from Florence had closed it for several days.
 The weather here aside from stronger than usual winds is beautiful.
 As we fly up the coast I know it will deteriorate soon.  That's why I'm flying IFR.
 From a GO PRO attached to the ceiling there's not much to see
 Landing on runway 22 is a marginal thing.  Visibility is 1.5 miles and it's raining.
 Never-the-less I find the runway where it should be and set us down.
Parked, we get drenched running to the FBO.

Hurricane Florence Flight I

Not a lot of words necessary. I checked the local (Myrtle Beach NC) and found the conditions to be borderline but doable. One advantage is that the flight sim world does not simulate flooding. I loaded up with a little over a ton of water and other supplies and off I went.

Flight from KLWB Lewisburg Wv to North Myrtle Beach SC.

I always seen to choose the Pilatus PC12 for my relief flights. It can carry a fair amount of freight (RW), has big doors (again RW) and is able to land at low speeds and on short fields.

Seems odd to be carrying water to a flood zone but there is a BIG difference. That water down there is essentially poison. Contaminated in the extreme with who knows what. The water I'm carrying is in nice, safe, clean 20oz bottles.

Over Ronceverte (ronc-e-vert) WV just after take off.

Getting ready for landing. Vector approach only. There's already a stacked up line of help flying in.

Yeah, flooding.

Here we are. 20 kt wind and a fair amount of it was X-wind. Amazingly, I made a good landing.

Sim world commentary here. I hadn't checked to see if KCRE was a detailed Orbx airport. Surprised and pleased to see some nice add-ons. All freeware.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Goodbye Eagle County

I think I'm finally done at Eagle Co, at least for a little while. On my way to...elsewhere.

Bullhead City AZ KIFP to start with.

Sort of a rogues gallery of aircraft at KEGE. Nice place KEGE, and busy too.

Over the Grand Canyon. The canyon is so huge that almost anywhere you go in southern Arizona you're going to see some portion of the Grand Canyon.

Laughlin/Bullhead City Intl Airport is the main area facility. The 90 miles to Las Vegas means it doesn't catch a lot of tourists bound for "sin city", probably only those desiring a little more privacy. Some scheduled flights and a lot of space for private jets though.