Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April Light Event Flight IV KBJC to KASE

It's been a week or maybe even two since I've gotten to do any flight simming. It's been busy here.

I've had this flight in the bag for several days and now I've got a chance to post it up. It's sort of a "twofer" one too.

This is Bill Coxes flight from Jeffco (Denver CO) to Aspen-Pitkin way up in the high Rockies.

We'll be landing at nearly 8000ft msl. I wouldn't even think of trying this in a normally aspirated airplane. Turbo chargers, jets, or turbo-props rule at that altitude for take offs and landings.

Nice terminal building too.

Just off the ground and the aircraft isn't even cleaned up yet. This will be a short flight today--less than 40 minutes.

The flight isn't the attraction for this flight. The landing is. We've got to be at 13000 ft at the beginning of the approach to Aspen-Pitkin KASE.

Starting our preparations for descent to KASE. It may be late April but winter still rules at high altitude.

Well, the flight just became a bit longer. I followed the approach plate (at least I thought I did) and found I was much too high two miles out.

Sometimes I am guilty of doing a "video game" landing--seeing if I can somehow land regardless of how badly I'm out of position. Not this time. I declared a miss and here I am going around.

Ahh yes, much better. Nice proper descent and landing. I had a good time going around and doing it properly. My pax seemed pleased too.

Monday, April 24, 2017

I'm Still Alive!

Just in case you guys were wondering if I am still flying around here, I am, but scenery development is what I spend lots of my time on now. Hopefully, I can finish up some projects and actually use the scenery I have been making! Scenery development is pretty addictive, and tons of fun!

Here is a cool shot from my Pacer docked at Massey Harbor on Haida Gwaii


A short flight across Florida.
 Out of KPIE's runway 17L
 Today I'm flying at just 7000 feet so the view is nice.

 I land us at KOPF's runway 12 and pull off.
Parked my passengers deplane.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tallahassee to St. Petersburg/Clearwater

 Climbing out of KTLH in our TBM 850.
 Lots of clouds for the first part of our flight today.  I flew at 15,000'.
 Closing in on KPIE.
 All set to land on runway 17L.
 Lots of boat traffic below.
 On final.
And parked.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A lovely afternoon with a classic..

Now that I've recovered from the hectic activity that was the Spring Fling, it was time to take a jaunt from Blackpool down to Caernarfon, North Wales. No, not in the Avanti, but in a plane from an earlier time with a powerplant known as "shakey jake": A Cessna 195. The Jacobs R755 7-cyl. radial only tends to shake on start up, but then settles down once warm ;)

Here she is in all her polished glory ready to taxi at EGNH. (FSX NOTAM - I found a soundset for a Jacobs radial rather than use the aliased FSX Baron or Beaver. If you start her up by turning the key in the cockpit then she fires up immediately. However, if you switch to an external view & use Ctrl-E then you get the starter turning over whilst the cylinders take a vote on whether to run or not :D )

A view in the office. (FSX NOTAM - it's freeware, but it'll do)

Leaving Blackpool.

There's Warton airfield (British Aerospace) off to the left at the head of the Ribble Estuary, as I head south down England's west coast.

Approaching Woodvale, over Southport beach. RAF Woodvale is home to several flying units including university air squadrons and no. 10 Air Experience Flight. When I was in the Air cadets, 10 AEF was our "local" for flying trips. Back when I was a teenager they had De Havilland Chipmunks to take us up in!

Liverpool John Lennon Airport, top centre of the pic in the distance.

The Welsh Mountains in the distance, not quite the Rockies, but still... :)

Approaching Llandudno. As a small boy, I spent many an annual holiday there with my parents. The hilly headland known as Great Orme can be seen above the instrument coaming.

Here's a real photo - reverse angle as it were. There's a one-way toll road around the perimeter, but the toll also pays for parking at the summit visitor's centre. In addition there's a tramway and cable car from Llandudno.

Approaching the isle of Angelsey. In a moment we'll be banking left to fly up the Menai Strait. The stretch of water between the mainland and Anglesey. 

Nearing the other end of the Strait, Caernarfon Airport should be in the distance...

...and it is. RWY 26 awaits, which means we're coming in over the caravan park. A visual and aural treat for their afternoon tea!

FSX NOTAM. Never realised the caravan park is actually to UK Winnebago Convention Headquarters... LOL! A pity that the designer didn't model some static caravans instead. But hey, it's a freebie and the airfield seems accurate.

Down, with a bounce..

No the Aviation Museum doesn't have an F-18 exhibit!

Time for a bite to eat, maybe shoot the breeze with the other taildragger pilots if they're around.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

April Light Event Flight III LGTS to LGIO

Third in my April Light Event flights, LGTS to LGIO Greece

Again, a place I never would have seen otherwise, and a nice flight too.

Cranking up the trusty Milviz Baron of the short hop.

Off the ground and on my way to? A place I've never been before.

The landing lights will go out once I'm away from the city and airport.

This and next: Nice scenery along the way.

I started my descent at 25 miles out as Laurie directed but I did modify my approach somewhat. Airport just coming into view. I'm perhaps 8-10 miles out at this point.

Here we are. Nice relaxing flight. Nice relaxing ouzo too.

Maybe too relaxing.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April Light Event Flight II RPLL to RPUB

Here's one of the reasons I like doing flights that someone else plans---I get to go places I wouldn't necessarily pick myself. This favorite flight light event is a perfect example. Since I fly smaller aircraft I usually fly only in the U.S. Even Canada seems too far away at times.

Today I'm off to the Philippines for Bong E's flight from Ninoy Aquino Int'l Manila to Baguio, also in the Philippines and something of a flashback to Hot Springs VA.

At the hold short line waiting for the "line up and wait" from the tower for the 45 minute flight into the mountains.

On my way. The landing lights will stay on for a while. RPLL is a major airfield with lots of traffic. Manila is itself a huge, sprawling city. Nice scenery for generic Orbx.

Soon enough and I'm into the countryside.

And then into the mountains. Looks like WV & VA down there from altitude. Quite a bit warmer and more humid though.

And here I am lined up (a little high, not a problem) for 27 at RPUB and dang if I don't feel a lot like I'm landing at KHSP Hot Springs VA.

Nice flight and a feeling of never having left home. Thanks Bong:-)