Monday, November 19, 2018

On the Road to Texas

I'm getting really psyched up for the Toys for Tots 2018 event and decided to fly down to Texas instead of simply starting my flights down there.

Right now I'm at KERI Erie PA and need to pick up a couple of load planners on my way. Those two are based outside Washington D.C. and my best pick up point is Lee Airport, near to Annapolis MD, close to the Chesapeake Bay and the U.S. Naval Academy. Soooo... I'm off!!

First two shots, KERI and on taxi out in the rain.

A short time later and I'm over Baltimore MD (good ole "Balmer") and getting ready for landing outside Annapolis.

I'll set up for approach over the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I managed get a couple of good shots of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge while at it. Lee Field is behind me at this point.

Here we are. Not the smoothest landing but it's been a really long time since I've flown the Milviz Baron. See you in Texas!!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Bar Harbor, ME to Knoxville, TN

 Taxiing out to runway 22 at Bar Harbor.  It's just after 3pm and raining.
 Climbing out over the causeway to the island.
 Above the clouds, sunshine.  We'll fly down to Knoxville at FL430.
 Up here the sunset is very nice.
 The moon is following the sun.
 The Phenom 300's panel.
 I love how it's easy to spot traffic at night.
On final to runway 5L at KTYS in Knoxville.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pittsburgh to West Palm Beach

 So this is another flight I grabbed from Flight Aware and flew.  Here' I'm out of Pittsburgh
 climbing for FL430.
 Over Florida now.

 Cape Canaveral.
 Turning Inland to land on runway 9L at KPBI.
 And there it is.
 Parked at PBI.
 So here's the flight from Flight Aware.  I did the flight in 2:50
and this was my track.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

310 TO Bahamas 1

310 Pilot on You Tube has begun a series on their trip to the Bahamas in their 310.  
 Naturally I'm going to fly it too.
 Off from their home base at Aurora, IL, KARR.
 Ahh the flat lands of the mid-west.  We'll climb to 7500' just as they did.
 Midway through their flight Kevin changed destinations.  I didn't do that as soon as he did so I was fairly close to Dothan, AL, his original destination, when I changed mine.  This means I flew further than he did, but...
 ...I still landed at his new destination, X60 in Williston, FL.He changed destinations because he was unsure of the electrical power situation in Dothan since Hurricane Michael had blown through a day or two before.
 On approach to runway 32.  I think he came in on the opposite runway but I didn't have the info on the day he was flying.  Like many of the You Tube pilots, he has his flight plans blocked on Flight Aware...darn it.
 On final for X60.
And how it looked on the map.  As he posts new videos of their trip I'll be flying them.  By the way, this was an almost six hour flight for me.  I think he did it in five or so, still a long flight in a Cessna 310...and no, I did not sit in front of the computer that long.  That's what autopilot is for!

Thursday, November 8, 2018


 Our Citation X awaits at KSFO.
 Off from San Francisco, the city behind us we begin our climb to FL450.
 We soon leave land behind.
 On the Honeywell MFD you can see a group of VOR's depicted.  Those are the Hawaiian Islands.
 First sight of land.
 We've flown over Oahu and are lined up for runway 4R
 From the outside we're on final.
Parked at our own FBO at PHNL.

The C750 is the only aircraft I have that can make this flight.  It was 2094nm and our time was 4:53.  We can do better going eastbound.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Pretty Pictures

These are all from recent flights.  Lately I've flown a lot more than I've reported so I've just selected a few shots for you to see.


Thursday, November 1, 2018


October is officially closed. Stats for the month below.

Total fight hours reported: 52.6 hrs

Total number of flights (all flights): 40

Number of pilots reporting flight hours: 7

Average length flight (all flights): 1.3 hrs

GAC hours reported: 52.6 hrs includes all event, destination, and general flying