Friday, January 19, 2018

My One of a Kind Airplane

I bought a Cessna 404 Titan! Dreaming of Christophe Jouany's beautiful C414, N414XX (highly recommend checking that out), I began the quest of trying to bring that aircraft to my sim. With a lot of research, I found that there are no 414's available for x plane. The next closest ones were the C404, the C441, or the C340. I ended up purchasing the 404. I finally bit the bullet and taught myself how to repaint. After hours and hours of photoshop, I repainted the entire exterior and interior of the airplane, and for my first repaint ever, I think it came out pretty well.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lebanon, NH

Out of St. Paul after refueling the Phenom
 I climb into partly cloudy skies.
 If we look like a rocket, so be it.
 Clouds obscure most of the scenery along the way.
 Under them we make our approach to KLEB.
Runway 18 is a slightly offset approach.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

St. Paul

A flight this morning from Victoria, BC to St. Paul MN.  That's a stretch for the Premier so I'm flying the Phenom 300 today.
 Off from runway 31 and already turning east.
 From the flight deck we continue the climb to FL390.
 Not much to see up here with the clouds and all.
 Downtown St. Paul and KSTP's runway 14 ahead.
 Minneapolis is off to the right.
Parked three and a quarter hours later.

NOTAM: I've had the Phenom 300 for several years now.  It's a great light jet, real world and sim.  So why do I fly the Premier so much?  They are very similar planes, just ten years apart in technology.  Even though I couldn't afford the cup holder in either I would still say price.  These days you can get a nice Premier for 1.5 to 2 million.  The least expensive Phenom 300 I've seen is 6.5 million.  The Phenom is better of course.  Those ten years were full of advances.  The Garmin panel in the Phenom is easier to use and makes situational awareness much better, but the Collins Proline 21 is very satisfying to use in the Premier.  The Phenom has a bit more range (Hence it's use on this flight) and it is a bit faster...but 5 million dollars more?  Which would you buy?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Heading Home, Pockets Empty

So I'm flying the same group of customers back to California as I flew out to Vegas a few days ago (last posting). Yeah, some are happy, most are sad--and lighter by a lot of money on the return flight.

North Las Vegas to KMRY Monterey Peninsula Airport CA.

Early morning shadows on the hills below. We flew out early, before 8:00 a.m. Most of our pax have been awake for 24 hours gambling and having a "few quiet beers" (you know who you are--chuckle). They'll sleep most of the way home.

Same potash plant, other side of the airplane.

Almost there. Fun approach and a hold too, just to make sure you're all set for the final. Radar Contact did a proper job this time.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Channel Islands

A commuter flight (passengers and cargo) out of Santa Barbara (KSBA) to Los Angeles Hawthorne airport (KHHR) with stops at channel islands San Nicolas, San Clemente and Santa Catalina.

 Departing Santa Barbara weather is good.
 Heading out over the Santa Barbara Channel
 Approaching St. Nicolas
 Arrival area at the naval air station
 San Clemente Island in view
 One drop off and one pickup for LA
 Avalon Santa Catalina on the south end of the island
 The island's airport is at the north end of the island
 Drop off three passengers and pickup three for LA
Last stop KHHR in LA to avoid congestion at LAX

Lost Wages Bound

So I'm back in the air with charter to Las Vegas NV. We'll be landing at KVGT North Las Vegas. There are several fields in the Vegas area that are more or less dedicated to GA and charter service. We're more or less (more actually) asked (read commanded) to stay away from McCarran KLAS. There's a little GA traffic in there but not much.

Starting up at Hayward KHWD early in the morning. My customers want to spend the entire day losing money I guess.

I have to admit to have only ever spent two days as recreational time in Las Vegas. Gambling isn't my thing. Nevada has too much scenery to explore to spend my time giving money to the already to the unseemly wealthy.

During my posts about OOM issues, someone (George? Andrew?) made mention of the fact that clouds can use up VAS space. Do you think something like this might be a problem during this flight?

I think this is a potash extraction plant. Scenes like this are included in Orbx scenery and I found an area similar to this in Google Earth. Incidentally I'm flying over it as we speak during the flight I'm working on now. About an hour west of Las Vegas

Desert mountains and early morning shadows. Dramatic scenery.

Downtown Las Vegas and a good view of McCarran Airport. I'd suspect that flying in to the Las Vegas area is a convoluted, tension filled experience.

Now here is an excellent example of the stupidity of the human race. How much water does a golf course need in the desert? And how many of these are there in the LV area?

Bill Cox, a few posts back you had an issue with Radar Contact trying to fly you into a mountain. I had a similar but reverse problem when on final for VGT. RC wanted me to hold at 8300 feet until established etc etc while I was approaching an airport at 2200 ft elev.

Yeah, cancel IFR, dive and get lined up properly on the GPS-V approach.

This always happens to me when flying into Palm Springs KPSP. You are not alone.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Back to Where I Started

So here I am, back to where I started before So/Cal pounded my computer into the dirt. The first shot you see are the settings I have run for some number of years and what I've gone back to now that I'm out of the heavily urbanized areas. Hopefully I'll get to my destination with no OOM problems.

Flight from Oceano Co. Airport CA to Half Moon Bay just outside the San Francisco Metro area.

This and next: Scenery at L52 Oceano Co Airport. Nice Cub there.

Following shots: Typical scenery along the California Coast.

You know all those terrible brush fires & now mud slides we've been reading about? This is where a lot of that is occurring.


There. Nice landing too.

Computer worked well.