Monday, September 18, 2017

Florida Aid Continues

Sometimes hurricane aid flights are mundane. Not every trip is to directly save a life, but is simply a delivery of things needed to help preserve life, things just not available right now in the damage zones. Disposable diapers and powered baby formula to Palm Beach Co. FL from Charleston SC.

We're cranking up just after lunch for what I understand is to my final flight for this effort. I'm being cycled out and back to the normal world for a while.

Off the ground over Charleston. Nice bridge scenery from the air. Either the Cooper or Ashley River. You need a city road map to tell the difference.

This and next: Most of the flight was over the coast or a very short distance out to sea with the coast in clear view my right.

Palm Beach and a very few minutes to go.

Here we are...

On the ground. Home tomorrow.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Getting Supplies to the Keys and back

Since the Keys were hit so hard I felt the best line of help was to fly some supplies down to Key West Intl (KEYW). Then on the way back stop in Marathon and then back up to Miami Executive.

Checking final and Lights - Camera - Action.

Wow I can see why being over water takes good instrument training even in VFR.

On Final.

Hey I am working on one of those.
After a full day helping out and we are off with a few passengers back KTMB.

Really love the night lighting in X Plane. Taking off from KEYW.

Coming into land at KMTH.

Picking up a few more passengers.

I have flown at night in a small plane X Plane really captures the feeling and darkness.

Coming back to base and done for the day.

Riding the brakes, the C208 seems to just want to run down the taxiway.

It was some great flights and I hope to help out a bit more next weekend. Let me know if you guys enjoy the pics and if you want to see anything different from my flights. Also, I have to say I love the lighting in X Plane. Not sure if P3D V4 is this good but since switching to X Plane a year or so ago I really have to say I love it over core FSX but I still miss a few parts here and there but crashes of the sim are not one of them. FYI This is still X Plane 10 I have 11, just have not gotten around to setting it up since I have 10 is running so well.

Aid flight - by dawn's early light!

Barksdale to Beaumont - (KBPT - Jack Brooks Regional). Well, this flight all came together in a way you couldn't write - well, I am writing... but anyhow:

A civilian cargo contract to take supplies from Barksdale AFB, Louisiana down to Beaumont, Texas. The aircraft to be used was a Shorts Shed... I mean Sherpa - an enlarged Skyvan - an unpressurised box with wings! It was to be an early morning takeoff.

OK, so , we've got a dawn flight, from a B-52 bomber base in a plane with this paintjob! Honestly, pure dark humour right there!

The base seems strangely deserted. I love the early morning. 😤

OK, enough of the symbology...

Heading south to Beaumont.

I find the spinning prop effects quite hypnotising.

A couple of office views (FSX NOTAM - a bit basic - this is a Premier Aircraft Design freebie)

Oh-Oh. The previous screenie shows a front moving in.. sure enough it's IFR at KBPT - early morning sea fog I guess.

Supplies unloaded. Off for a coffee at the FBO!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Another full load for Houston..

This time from UPS' hub at KSDF - Louisville, KY. So I had to take this big girl for a spin. Taxiing out

Climbing away from Louisville with a full load, about 190000 lbs worth.

Local time about 16:50 or so. Late afternoon and the moon's out.

The water levels may be back to normal, but the chaos and upset will take rather longer to heal.

Another ILS approach to 8L

It's been a while since I flew her! Might have to pay for a touch and go as well as a landing! :)

Tower said to pick a main gear I liked and stay on it!

Tried to regain some style points by wheelie-ing down 8L whilst the speed bled off :D

This parking spot makes me a little nervous as the approach is right over the MD!!


Florida Relief

More relief supplies and personnel bound for the Palm Beach FL area. Specialist nurses and kidney dialysis supply packs. The dialysis machines arrived a few hours ago.

Auburn AL and Auburn Univ. Airport this time. Cranking up for the just under two hour flight.

You might be able to just make out the airport below and well behind the King Air.

One thing Florida has is an abundance of sinks holes in some areas.

We were given a long and vectored approach (no real choice in the matter) for KPHK Palm Beach County/Glades Airport. Sometimes the inbound traffic can get backed up of the few airports open right now. And too, some loads are prioritized over others.

Here we are, nurses and dialysis packs already unloaded and probably will be on the job within an hour.

A nicely restored Cub over there. It had to have been hangered just behind.

Florida Relief: Key West

We thought we'd be heading back to Texas but then Irma arrived.  Now two days after it hit Florida we're carrying Nation Guard help to Key West.
 We're out of Little Rock AFB>
 There's the Little Rock downtown in the distance as we turn to our course.
 We'll climb to FL210 today to get above remnants of the storm.
 Feet wet and we'll fly off the west coast of Florida to Key West.
 We're landing at Key West Naval Air Station the only runway opened at this point.
 Runway 25 is straight ahead
 as you can see from the flight deck.
We're here.