Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Southern Alaska Weather

No story just an example of the real weather I usually encounter along the south coastal areas in Alaska. I hope the sightseeing cruises pick better days than I do since more often than not there is a lot of haze/fog that drifts in off the Pacific Ocean and backs up against the coastal mountains. Coastal fog in common from north of Los Angeles all the way up to the Alaskan Panhandle. This flight originated just north of Prince Rupert BC.

Leisurely Travels

For a little while I'm going to be doing low & slow scenic flights--probably until we start Toys for Tots in December. I want to enjoy my new Orbx Northern California scenery by getting a detailed view, not one from in excess of 15K feet and 250 kts. I'll probably wander up into Washington & Oregon too while I'm at it.

Here I am at KSTS Charles M. Shultz Airport in Santa Rosa CA getting cranked up for my first leisure time flight to Delano CA., on the extreme northern edge of Kern Co. What you can't see in the sim is that my Active Sky wx programming is giving me an outside air temp of 93*F! No, I chose not to turn my room heat up that high either. Realism only needs togo so far.

Off the ground after a seemingly endless take off run. Thankfully, STS is at only 125ft msl so the density altitude was something even my Cessna could handle. The non-air conditioned airplane was something else again though.

This and next two: Scenes along my 280 nm flight. Nice ground scenery even though it's generic within the higher quality generic scenery of Orbx areas.

At my planned cruise altitude of 7000 ft the air temp is a decidedly more comfortable 75*F. But we do have to land soon...

Fly over at KDLO at 1500 ft msl, and the temp is now warm. Truthfully that should be it's bloody hot!!

Short final for an almost imperceptible touch down. As soon as I turn off I open the windows but all that does is let in a blast furnace wave of heat--105*F. Awful out there and I'll probably have to fly in the early morning so that I can even get off the ground at all. Time to turn north I think.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Is this a C46 Commando??

This isn't a flight report, but I thought it may be interesting to fellow GAC members all the same, especially as I see the beginnings of a story. Forgive me if not.

Could this be the "barn find" Commando I need to recreate a Hump flight? It's at Kolkata airport (VECC) India.


I'm sure the plane in the centre is a C46... unless it's a DC-3 or some Russian equivalent..

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Getting Qualified

My first task is a flight to Roanoke from Lynchburg, a very short 37nm to meet some Marines who will be expediting the Toys for Tots campaign in Puerto Rico this year.
 I'm also using it as my final check flight with my mentor in the Premier.  Here we're ready to launch from KLYH's runway 4.
 Leaving the airport behind and turning west we'll climb to just 4500' for this VFR flight.
 Yes you can do VFR in a jet, it just moves by very fast.
 IN no time we're turning on the ILS for runway 33 at Woodrum.
 Over Mill Mountain a local landmark.  FS doesn't include the giant star that looks over the city from up here.
On final, I landed and met the Marines.  Next, on the Puerto Rico.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My First Atlantic Crossing

About two weeks ago, I took off from the small Oceano airport in Southern California in my beloved Cessna 172. I flew it all the way to the Bahamas in 12 2-3 hour flights. With my first goal achieved, I thought of a new challenge, circumnavigation. I knew my 172 was not going to make the several ocean crossings over the course of this massive trip, so I picked up the C210 in Ft Lauderdale FL, and headed up the east coast. Here are some photos from my first ocean crossing, from St. Anthony in Canada, to Nuuk, Greenland. 

 Ready for departure out of St. Anthony (CYAY)
 Taking off for the last time in North America.
 9,000 ft over clouds from a wing camera.
 My view for almost 5 hours.
 Initial descent into Nuuk, Greenland.
Safely on the ground after my first time crossing the Atlantic.

Positioning flight to catch some big iron back home.

Preparing to leave Greenbrier Valley in a little GA rental.

Good weather expected for the trip to Dulles (KIAD).

See some of you soon a lot further south!

Still nice weather.

Joining right downwind for 19R.

I don't think I'll be using much in the way of brakes!


It's a long drive to my parking spot.

Here we are. I like the blue Mooney.

After flying the largest twin-engined transport in WWII, I'll be catching one of the biggest twin-engined transports of the modern world. A triple seven. I wouldn't mind some more stick time in a Curtiss Commando. Hmm.. what was the Hump route they once flew? I wonder... no.  Tinker Belle would be too valuable to undertake such a trip, let alone get there beforehand.

Friday, November 17, 2017

ABX845 to San Juan

When I found out big airplanes were cool for this event, I brought out the mighty T7.

Amazon kindly donated a ton of stuff and luckily just started an "airline"

Lucky for me, I got to fly the trip for them.