Sunday, July 22, 2018

Flight from Albenga to Trapani, Sicily

I did this flight at the end of June, but never posted any pics from it, my apologies!

Getting ready to depart from Albenga - a bit of a tight squeeze in the parking lot lol!

A small amount of careful handling and we are taxiing out.

Up and away from mainland Italy.

All cleaned up..landing lights off and will be retracted soon.

View of Corsica and, possibly, Sardinia in the distance.

Thought this picture looked good with the lighting etc.. Mind you the Avanti looks good whenever you can see her :)

Ah.. Roma!

Still good for VFR in the moonlight..

Would I do this with a $7 million dollar toy which didn't belong to me? Probably not, but G-SLIK is mine and I wanted to check out the radalt. Working fine! (FSX NOTAM the radalt display is in the bottom right hand corner of the primary flight display.

With the Sicilian coast coming up fast I traded airspeed for altitude to get configured for approaching Vincenzo Florio Trapani Birgi Airport.

Lined up for 31L, a little high, but dealing with it;)


I was directed to taxi over to the military part of the airport for some reason (did someone see me disappear from radar for a little while?? I think I'd cancelled flight following prior to going low level, but who is to say if the military might have still tracked the Avanti?)

Cheers! & I'll get some daylight screenies posted soon :)

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Old Trimotor

A small clip of the Ford Trimotor leaving from KCON. If you would like to see more of her in flight  check out

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lynchburg to Raleigh

This is a trip I take a lot.  My wife's sister lives in Raleigh and it takes us three hours to drive there from our place in Amherst (about 16 miles north of Lynchburg).
 I'm flying out of Falwell Airport, W24 about 20 minutes from my house.  What the picture doesn't really show as I climb out over it is the slope of the runway.  It's one of the steepest in the US.  I took off downhill on runway 10.
 Looking southwest that's route 29/460 skirting the mountain and Lynchburg's commercial airport,KLYH  just visible top left.  I have photo-real scenery for Virginia but chose not to use it this morning.  The sun hitting the houses looks better to me than the flat but correct photo scenery.
 Here as you can see I'm still getting on course.
 We leave Lynchburg behind having just flown past KLYH.
 The BE36.
 Closing in on Raleigh-Durham.  That's Falls lake below me.  My wife's sister's home is next to it.
 I'm using the photo-real here and it was at this point I switched back to the enhanced FSX scenery but this looked much better in this case.  There just aren't any set rules for when to use photo-real and when not to.
Parked at RDU.  I had a long taxi.  I should have requested 5R but they landed me on 5L.  5R is closer to the GA FBO.
So my flight time was fifty-two minutes add the half hour or so on each end to drive to and from the airports and I still did better than the three hours.  I'd fly in real life if I could!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Finally Home Again

Big traffic day today. Both on the ground at Ketchikan Alaska and Everett Washington.

I'd been flying into and out of small and remote water bases on the way north in my Otter so real world traffic at Ketchikan was something of a surprise to see.

Then actually having to wait while one of the heavies took off brought me back to reality in a hurry. I was quite surprised to look left and see a set of massive landing lights heading my direction at high speed.

Once I got my head wrapped around having to interact with others in a positive, friendly, and organized manner though all turned out fine.

I'll settle in at FL190 for the trip back to the lower 48. Pretty good wx and no real turbulence.


Less than two hours later I'm letting down for landing at Everett WA, Snohomish Co Int'l.

Big airplanes at KPAE too. Take a look at this one.

Nice series of RW photos here

Monday, July 16, 2018

Telluride to the Grand Canyon

Last week I watched an impressive YouTube video of this flight in a well re-equipped A36.  It had a retrofitted Garmin glass panel.  The flight was flown by two young guys but for some reason it has disappeared from YouTube.  I can't find it again.
 They made much of taking off  in high density conditions and indeed it's good thing Telluride has a long runway because it took forever to get up to take off speed.
 I was climbing at maybe 400fpm here barely making 100 knots.
 It was a long climb but I managed to get to 12,500.
  I had my eye on the TAWS on the GNS430 following the yellow because red was all around.
 This peak was my last red splotch and I could then get back on my course.
 Lake Powell was on the way
 and it looked about the same in the actual flight.
 I never finished the video but on my version I got a look at the Canyon before landing.
 On final for runway 3 at KGCN.
And how it looked on my Foreflight  (Little Nav Map :-).

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Beech D-28 (see the Carenado advertising) D-18

I have been following the Beech D-18 forum at Avsim since Carenado first announced the release of the model. Due to a myriad of problems and an apparently wildly incorrect flight model this product will not be added to my aircraft stable. Dang it!!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Flying Home

Sometimes, when you do a long trip in many small steps, you forget how far you've come.

Flight from Yakutat AK to Ketchikan, same State.

I had planned to get home--the lower 48 at least--in one leg. When I planned it out I was surprised to find I had nearly (very nearly) a thousand miles to go.

Not a big problem, I split the flight in half and so off to Ketchikan I go.

I did get to enjoy some spectacular scenery on the way, and the King Air is a lot more comfortable than the Otter.

Airplane travel--in the King Air at least--is sort of like traveling by car as opposed to travel by bicycle--the
DHC-3 Otter in this case.

The King Air allows you to see large scenery--expanses and distances. The Otter allows you to examine an individual area at leisure and in some detail.

A couple of hours later and we're letting down for landing at Ketchikan.

Not long now. You can see the runway and PAPI lights over on the left.

Here we are. Off to Jefferson Co. Int'l, Port Townsend WA tomorrow morning.