Saturday, July 22, 2017

Going to Oshkosh! KLWB to KOSH

At last. On the way. This was to be an interesting flight of ups and downs, not just the weather but the turbulence in that weather (FSX NOTAM - despite the METAR saying scattered clouds with broken clouds higher up, it was as if I'd flown straight into a thundercloud! Perhaps FSUIPC wind smoothing can only do so much.).

We would spend most of the flight below 10000 feet for sight seeing purposes, but did climb up to FL240 until the winds below settled down.

Getting ready to depart from Greenbrier Valley. Don't know if the Bombardier is going to Oshkosh too, but they departed immediately behind us.

See you soon Lewisburg.

Climbing out... before the severe, unforseen turbulence happened.

Back down to lower altitudes - a rather large power station off to the right. (NOTAM - I clean forgot to take note of which power station it was! In my defence I was making sure there were enough sick bags for the passengers in the back!)

When nearing Lake Michigan, the overcast decided to move in. Here we are close to Grand Rapids. The conditions didn't get much better over the Great Lake itself, necessitating an ILS RWY 36 approach at KOSH!

Well, the sightseeing flight turned into a NTSH  (nothing to see here) flight. Oh well ,plenty of time to enjoy Airventure 2017, and for the weather to improve! RWY36 on the nose.

Touchdown. Missed the purple dot, not my best spot landing attempt - close but no cigar!

Welcome to AirVenture!

Parking reserved for Avantis it seems!

FSX NOTAM - a shame there are some missing textures in this freeware KOSH scenery. I'll investigate and see if I can track them down.

Right - time to get that cold beer which Dan had set up behind the bar! He promised not to drink them all!

I'm Going to AirVenture 2017 part IV

My forth and final (well, maybe) flight to Oshkosh this year. Saranac Lake NY to (of course)Oshkosh WI.

Getting settled in and starting up. Battery on, open the side window (82* today) open the cockpit doors and turn on the aft blower so the pax can breath. Oh yes, don't forget that pesky beacon.

We'll even get a little nice scenery while in the air (come on pretend along with me!). Niagara Falls down there. While you might not actually be able to see the Falls in generic scenery this is the correct location.

Interior scenery during the two & a half hour flight.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Park Michigan. Again in the right spot and not all that bad.

On the ground, runway 36 again. I had hoped for 18 but there was enough wind to make 36 necessary. See you next year at AirVenture 2018.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Ultimate New Member?

A few days ago we signed up a new member. Say hello to Remington B GAC063.

I think Remington must have the ultimate job, as far as us flight simmers are concerned. He fits exactly into what the old Greenbrier Virtual Aviation and our present GAC are about. He flies corporate airplanes as the pilot. Not only that, he personally designed and oversaw the paint on his corporate ride. He has kindly sent along a few pics of the work in progress as well as the finished product.


 Here are a few words from Remington himself:  "I fly for a couple private corporations, one has a Cessna 414 and one has a Cessna 340.  I designed the paint scheme of the 414 and I'm proud of it so I attached a picture :)"

Welcome aboard Remington.

SML to Richmond

Back again for the return flight except we'll be landing in Richmond this time.
 On take off another look at the SML airport called W91.
 And there it is yet again below the Bonanza.
 This time we'll pass over Lynchburg instead of landing.  There's KLYH.
 It's a nice day albeit a bit hazy.  Typical summer in Virginia.
 Richmond ahead.
 Gear down and the city's downtown is on our right as we are on final to runway 16.
Now parked and ready to get out.

No reports last week because I was away on another vacation.  We took the RV to First Landing and Kiptopeke State Parks.  If I seem a little obsessed with vacations this year it's because it's the first summer I taken off since college...and I'm 71 now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Island Retreat

Saw an ad in the Pilot's Gazette to rent an island cabin off the coast of Maine and I was lucky to get a week in July. Oh, and the cabin has its' own landing strip.

                                The island is only a 35 min. flight from Belfast ME (KBST)
                                We are using runway 15 which points us right to the island

                                      A lot of broken clouds which is nice weather for Maine.
                                        Booth Bay Harbor area only 5mi. from the island
                                      The small island at the top of the shot is our destination
                                     A dirt strip and it is not level, up one side of the hill
                                    and down the other side.
                                       Sorry, but I was too busy trying to slow down to take
                                       pictures of the uphill landing however it was OK.
                                          Fresh ocean air and a heat index of 75F so we brought
                                          extra blankets and sweaters. Here in Florida the heat
                                          index has been running about 105F.
                                         OK, a small hangar to keep the salt air off the plane.