Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Humanitarian Aid Flight: MYNN-MTPP (Port Au Prince, Haiti)

When you think about the Bahamas, rain is not the first thing that comes to mind, but...well, it does rain quite a bit here.
I'm working with Doctors Without Borders and today I'll transport a US doctor who's flown commercially to Nassau.
I'll be taking him to Port Au Prince, Haiti where they always need help.
Out of the shower now as we climb out for Flight Level 210.
I'm flying a Piper Malibu Jet Prop.
Over Haiti now and getting ready to land.
It looks quite nice and tropical from above
but on the ground very third worldish, maybe even fourth world.
Still the Jet Prop looks good rolling out and our doctor is delivered.


Dan George said...

Fine flight Bill. Glad you are doing the Air flights.

TachyonDriver said...

Bill, I'll be joining you in Haiti soon! I've got a fully loaded IL-76 bringing supplies to Port Au Prince (no GAC hours involved ;) ), from which I'll be using a GAC-approved plane to fly out and about. Cheers!