Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Humanitarian Aid Flight AYWK to AYKK

Papua New Guinea this time. Boram to Kikori. A short flight from one side of the country to the other. The only thing in my way is the 11000 ft high central mountain range. Not a place for my Cessna 182. I take the Pilatus out of the hanger.

Getting cranked up. This took some time as I hadn't flown the PC-12 since last year. The next few flights will go more smoothly.

Off the ground and I find the PC-12 still an agile and smooth flyer. Why did I stay away so long?

The Humanitarian Aid Flights require a high payload and the ability to land on a short and probably unimproved strip. The Pilatus fills the bill on both counts. Incidentally the runway at Kikori (AYKK) is listed as having a "plank" surface. Hello? That's a new one for me.

Turns out a plank surface (in this case at least) was a metal plank surface. Think the Marston Mat surfaces used everywhere during WW II. The matting is still used in many places and yes, it seems to have all been produced during the Second World War.

The lighter green area towards the front of my window is not where I'm going. That's just a few minutes ahead yet.

Maybe you can see my target a little in this shot.

No? Me neither, but it's really over there.

All lined up (sort of) and ready to land. Full flaps for this one and into reverse thrust just before touching down. I may have misheard during the landing but I swear the sim comes with a rumble/bump/rumble/bump sound file for the strip.

Not the prettiest landing but I got there and got my passengers and medical supplies off loaded OK.


TachyonDriver said...

One of those places where you have to buzz the field to scare away the wildlife eh?

Dan George said...

Exactly ;-)