Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Flights of Fantasy

We're into the hottest part of summer now. Thank goodness for air conditioning. I do my outside work in the mornings and then have the afternoons (a few anyway) to flight sim.

The August/September event is now open. Fly if you desire. This event will pay those who complete it an official Bong E designed commemorative attached to his member card.

We picked up two new members during July. The first in quite some time. Always a welcome addition to our little community. The internet works it's wonders. We are joined across unbelievable distances by our common interest in simviation. One new member is from here in the United States (Iowa I believe) while the other is from the Netherlands. Let's make our new guys welcome and I hope they are active members for a long time to come.

July is officially closed. Stats for the month below.

Total fight hours reported: 62.3 hrs

Total number of flights (all flights): 42

Number of pilots reporting flight hours: 10

Average length flight (all flights): 1.5 hrs

GAC hours reported: 62.3 hrs includes all event, destination, and general flying
July light event hours: 32.7 hrs
GVA Hours: none

Total GAC/GVA Hours: 62.3 hrs

1 comment:

bong - GVA037 said...

0 GVA Hours... need to get the Caravan out for some cargo flight.