Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Visiting GAC's home field prior to Oshkosh

After having a pleasant time in Iceland, getting notification that Greenbrier Aero were gathering at Oshkosh made me determined to get Stateside once more. Having got to KJFK in record time... (thanks Valkyrie!) I got hold of a rental to get myself and family to Greenbrier Valley, with a view to proceeding on to Oshkosh after a day or so. (They caught the slow, comfortable, pampered big iron to New York). What rental might you ask? An Avanti of course! Just what any self respecting billionaire pilot may use :D

Preparing for departure at KJFK.

Climbing away.

Manhattan visible under the starboard wing.

The amount of airfields in New York State & Pennsylvania (I think) is quite mind boggling to a Brit! (FSX NOTAM. I think they're not as easy to spot in the real world).

Descending through the turbulent overcast so we could admire the view whilst still IFR.

Ah, there we go.

We were vectored for an ILS approach to RWY04.

Hi Greenbrier Valley!


Time to chill out and relax before our onward journey to AirVenture 2017.



Dan George said...

See you in (virtual) Oshkosh. The Avanti remains a top head turner even after all these years.

granitesquare said...

Better hurry before Dan polishes off all the beer.

Dan George said...

Now you've done it George. LOL

TachyonDriver said...

Hehe! I'm not a big drinker, so I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy a sociable pint or two. Can't get too blitzed because I might be indulging in a couple of flights inbound to Oshkosh. It all depends upon who or what is flying out to neighbouring airfields and if I can get a lift .