Saturday, July 8, 2017

To Oshkosh

Left out of Galesburg IL heading to Oshkosh for the July Light Event carrying four charter passengers.

                                          Waiting for the passengers limo to arrive.
                                         Finally off the ground, goodbye Galesburg.
                                         Broken clouds with low level ground haze during
                                         the entire trip.
                                          Oshkosh rwy 27 up ahead through the haze.
                                          Plenty of aircraft in the grass median.
                                          Request gen. parking please.
                                         In the overflow lot but a least it is a spot.


TachyonDriver said...

Nice set, Granite! I believe you're the first GAC member to get to Oshkosh (or to post about it anyway!). I'll see you there.

Dan George said...

OOoooo, Aero Commander (I think). Nice