Friday, July 7, 2017


Where I live (near Lynchburg, VA) SML means Smith Mountain Lake a large lake built to supply power back in the 1960's.
 I hopped into the Bonanza and flew VFR for the short flight down to the lake.  I'm out of Falwell Field just east of Lynchburg.
 Here I'm over the shopping centers on Wards Road in Lynchburg.  The commercial airport is just ahead of me.
 From where I'm sitting a look at the scenery.
And finally we here.  I'm turning in the pattern over the lake.


TachyonDriver said...

I hope you weren't in the pattern for a floatplane landing, Bill! :) Do you get floatplanes on that lake, or just an airfield close by?

Dan George said...

Isn't the Lake still generating hydroelectric power? Nice shots of a seldom used airplane too.

Bill Cox said...

The airport is visible just above the wing tip in the last shot BUT I have seen a small float plane take off from the airport and then land in the lake.
Yes it's still a big power producer for APCO.