Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pilot getaway flight - Reykjavik to Isafjordur, Iceland

Time to try out one of the awkward approaches talked about in aviation circles; landing at Isafjordur airport, nestling as it does on one bank of the fjord, with the town opposite. IMHO landing on RWY26 is probably slightly easier than on 08 because you can fly up the fjord hugging the hill to your left.

Departing BIRK. Just missed getting taxi clearance in front of the big boys!

Then had to wait for an arrival too.

Climbing out.

Going to have to dodge plenty of broken cloud this evening, but flying at 4000 feet gives me a chance of clearing most, if not all the terrain on the route.

A lovely little aeroplane, highlighted in the evening sun.

More broken cloud, but the weather gave me a nice surprise when I got closer to Isafjordur.

The weather's clearing nicely, the airport is down in the next inlet.

The last METAR I had en route was from BIST which gave the wind at 280 degrees and 10 knots, so my decision for RWY26 at BIIS was made, although I would be looking for any contrary indications before landing - the windsock for instance and any waves on the water. Everything was looking good and the wind appeared to have died completely.

FSX NOTAM: Here's a real Dash-8 (I think) landing on RWY26.

Touchdown safe and sound.

What beautiful countryside & gorgeous sunset.

FSX NOTAM: Here's an aerial view of the real airport & Isafjordur itself -

The colours used in the Iceland revisited pack seem pretty close. I elected not to use the specific BIIS add-on over the top of Iceland revisited because it parked a cruise liner in the town rather than alongside the dock!


Dan George said...

Fine series indeed.

granitesquare said...

Enjoyed your nice shots of Iceland.

TachyonDriver said...

Thankk you kindly, guys!

Ryan Padgett said...

OOPS! Beached cruisliner! Glad you liked the scenery though. Maybe a notam George?

TachyonDriver said...

Ryan, as it happened I already had Iceland Revisited installed, but that in no way decrys your research for GAC.

Ryan Padgett said...

It's fine. Just a notice maybe because we don't want to many unhappy pilots (and cruisers)