Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I'm Going to AirVenture 2017

Short but sweet, I'm flying our July Light Event. No medals or medallions, no commemoratives. Just fun. Lewisburg to Oshkosh.

Cranking up at home for my first flight. Yeah, the Lear will be coming too I bet. Bong and (maybe) Dale will be along soon.

Joyce & I are cranked! And we have to wait for traffic. Let's go!

Just below the MU-2 is Renick, our home for the past 30 years. Around here we're still "the new people".
The RW Renick is probably just about that size too.

A short leg across Lake Michigan and we're there.

Over Lake Winnebago (yeah, the campers were named after it, not the other way 'round) and seconds to go.

See you at AirVenture 2017.

1 comment:

TachyonDriver said...

Catch you guys in a while. I'm just kicking back in Lewisburg at the moment!