Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I'm Going to AirVenture 2017 part II

My second flight to AirVenture for this year. KFAR Fargo ND to (of course) Wittman Regional, Oshkosh.

OK then, on our way.

Whooo boy, waiting at the hold short line don't yah know.

Ooohh yah, on our way.

And here we are already then.

And a favorite scene from "Fargo". Note: Some bad language included. Viewer discretion advised.


Jonathon Boerema said...

Really? Now I need to watch another Netflix show! Nice flying. I going to start my flying this weekend! Going to take a nice light jet!

TachyonDriver said...

I might have to take a look at the show too. King Air's looking pristine, great weather for aviating!