Sunday, July 2, 2017

A quick positioning hop from Keflavik to Reykjavic, Iceland

So, at a bit of a loose end, with summer well underway, I decided to visit a little corner of Iceland, a country well known for its rugged beauty; summer being a lot less harsh than winter!

I could have flown GAC-approved from the UK, but no. I indulged in a bit of fantasy to cover the 900 nm from Manchester to Keflavik International.... FAST!

Just had to use this sleek lady to get there. Here she is at BIKF

Anyway, back to a more leisurely pace in a more suitable aircraft for sight seeing, GAC-style. The weather was quite good with broken clouds at about 3000 feet. My flight to BIRK would be along the coast so no worries going IFR into mountains in the little WT-9 Dynamic.

Departing Keflavik Int'l having first waited for the 737 to land.

The view only hinting at the terrain to be found further inland...

There's Reykjavic up ahead.

Cleared visual for 31, a quick lookout to see if anyone's coming in direct! (another nice view of the terrain).

Not one of my best approaches, but still usable :)

Time for a cuppa before planning the next flight.



Dan George said...

Hummm...big airplane. Ahhh, little airplane. Chuckle

TachyonDriver said...

Hehe! Sadly Mach 3 and small don't tend to go together in present or past aviation.Well, Mach 3 whilst carrying people anyway :)

Ryan Padgett said...

Well, it probably has less than 14 person capacity. lol

Dan George said...

LOL Yeah, probably so but still...

TachyonDriver said...

Two persons in fact... :)