Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Time for Some Shrimp and Grits

Time for a shorter flight yesterday. During the summer my flight sim time seems limited.

Unlike most times ATC directed me to 22 at KLWB Lewisburg WV for take off. Very convenient since that's the runway I was going to request.

I'm headed for Hilton Head Island SC. Joyce and I will hang out, have dinner tonight and fly back home tomorrow.

Right now it's haying season here in Eastern WV. The scenery below can easily be imagined as being hayed off already and the bails gathered and stored away.

Near Pulaski VA. You can see U.S. Highway 460 and the New River down there.

Maybe 3-4 miles to go for KHXD Hilton Head Island SC.

Time for some shrimp and grits. You can find a good recipe here.

The above recipe closely matches that served at Cafe Michel, Clifton Forge VA.

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granitesquare said...

Yup! The weather is warming up and now there are only a few chickens left in the coop! Summer is very warm here so more time is spent indoors where it is comfortable. A good chance to put in a little sim time flying in the northern regions.