Friday, June 2, 2017

Over to Germany to meet an old lady friend..

NOTAM: Not much reality in this flight, unlike my previous gliding post.

A nice little job turned up, but first I had to get from Blackpool (EGNH) to Cologne/Bonn (EDDK) in Germany. Seeing as G-SLIK was back in country after having spent some time in Ryan & Scott's capable hands, she was just the ticket to get me there in a timely fashion. Thanks for taking good care of her Stateside, guys!

Taxying out. The glider club is nestled near the hills on the horizon.

Quite a nice evening for a hop to the continent.

Passing by Liverpool John Lennon airport. Just to the left of the port forward wingtip.

 Being vectored for visual on 14R

Approach looking good.


Good to know the fire crews are around even if hopefully I'll never need them.

Shutdown. The crew van was there to meet us with typical German efficiency.

Time to let the ground handlers tuck her up for the night.

But where's the old lady friend you ask? Here she is! I'll be taking her back to East Midlands (EGNX). Maersk Star Air were supposed to have a 767 destined for East Midlands, but it went u/s so UPS (with whom Star air have a contract) had one of their MD-11s which could fill the slot so to speak. (No GAC hours here!)


Dan George said...

Very nice. Have a fine return flight too.

granitesquare said...

I like night flights too but I keep them short. Enjoyed your screen shots.