Sunday, June 11, 2017

No Place Like Home

Think about it: Thomas Wolfe "You can't go home again"; Robert Frost "Home is where when you go there they have to take you in"; Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz film) "There's no place like home! There's no place like home!"

I'm sure I can fine a lot more with little effort. So it was that it became time for me to go home for a while.

Cranking up at KEYE Eagle Creek Airpark, Indianapolis IN. I've always enjoyed Eagle Creek for some reason. I just like flying in or out of the place and I have no idea why.

Holding short at 3 for clearance to "line up and wait". We'll be on our way shortly for the hour and a half flight.

Off the ground and on our way to FL190 for the short flight.

Near Beckley WV. Just about to drop below the ceiling at 7500 ft msl. Once we're below the cloud deck we'll have 10+ mile visibility and calm at KLWB for landing. The usual runway 4 approach.

Alderson WV down there, maybe 20 miles (?) to go. Maybe less, I don't have the approach plate in front of me.

Summer in my P3D is really green and this year the real world is just as green. We've had a lot of rain this spring.

Rare view at the extreme end of 4. I've usually turned off before this but I went a little (very little I might add) before touch-down and didn't turn off until the end of 4. Smooth, smooth landing for sure.

Here we are. Lewisburg WV...


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