Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm Back

Hello everyone. I have been gone for a while (3 week trip), so I have took a short re-acquaintance in the Piper Pacer from Misty's Place to Ketchikan.

Taxiing to the active. This will only be about a 15 minute flight, and I'll just ded reckon myself to the destination.

Lined up for takeoff...

Wee Haaa! Feels good to be back in the air again. I'll fly out of the inlet, hang a left, fly along the shore and the turn to land at Ketchikan.

Bostwick Inlet

Flying over Misty's Yacht Club. I instaled this scenery a while ago, but I have never landed there! Always flying over it, and never checking it out from the ground. You can see a couple of shipwrecks in the shallow bay.

This is the left turn I mentioned. If you look closely, you can already see the town of Ketchikan against the mountainside in the distance.

Kethickan's tourist transports, the massive cruise ships that bring thousands of people there. I've actually been to Ketchikan on one!

After passing the big hill somewhat blocking the cruise ships, I hung a left and there's the airport!

I lined up a long way out for a good stabilized approach.

The strengthening bars crossing the windshield make it hard to see sometime. I usually have to yaw around a little bit so I can see.

Touchdown! A good one too! Landing Rate Monitor says only -86 FPM.

It will be a long taxi back. I think the taxiing made up a large part of my time

And shutdown in parking.


Dan George said...

Hello Ryan. Glad to see you're back and doing some interesting flying. Looking good too.

granitesquare said...

Welcome back Ryan. Enjoyed your screenshots. The pilots rec hall was becoming void of its usual robust laughter, loud talk and off-key singing. Now the beer won't get stale.

Dan George said...

Boy oh boy George, you sure got us pegged.

TachyonDriver said...

Lovely bright colour on that Pacer. Great weather for the flight too.