Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hot Springs Again--and why

Actually, the short reason is that I wanted to fly into HSP again. Actually it's because I had to divert to Roanoke on my first flight and then I used wx from a known sunny day the second so this time I used the wx on the day I actually flew this flight. The weather was somewhat "iffy", so my getting into HSP was a maybe yes, maybe no proposition.

On the ground at 0G7, Seneca Falls NY, Finger Lakes Regional Airport. Not a bad looking field at all and certainly (RW speaking) a pretty area of the country indeed.

Off the ground. It will be a few seconds until I start cleaning up the airplane for the climb to FL200 with an hour and a half flight ahead of me and into somewhat deteriorating weather.

The Corning/Elmira NY area down there. Corning--the home of the well known (and used) Corning Ware cooking utensils (ask your wife) and Elmira--at one time the soaring capital of the world, or at least the Country.

Pennsylvania and yeah, the clouds are starting gather. The forecast for my route and arrival time is holding at a 5000 ft ceiling with seven mile visibility.

Here we are. Maybe three miles out and light rain. Looking good and on my marks for once.

Welcome to Hot Springs Ingalls Field.

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TachyonDriver said...

Good to see you made it before the weather turned nasty. Cheers!