Saturday, June 24, 2017

Garmin Exec Training

Once upon a time, Garmin GPS units were new, perhaps even somewhat unexplored territory.

Garmin is based in Olathe KN--our destination--while Huntsville AL--our take off point--is also known as "Rocket City" because of it's importance to the U.S. space program. Perhaps once upon a time a group of engineers (dare we even say Astronauts?) needed advanced training in using the new Garmin GPS equipment...

Cranking up at Madison Co. Exec KMDQ for the nearly two hour flight to Olathe.

Off the ground with wheels coming up. Gotta been my best behavior this trip. No forgotten landing gear this time. The guys in back will judge such things harshly.

Turning onto course. We'll settle in at FL220 for the trip.

Missouri down there. Partly to mostly cloudy for the trip

Turning over a fixed point (well, almost) over Kansas City. Olathe is just west of Kansas City

Over Kansas City with a view of the Missouri and Kansas ("KAW" to the locals) Rivers. Minutes out and I've finally gotten the attention of those clowns (what a party hearty bunch) in back that it's time to buckle up and calm down.

This and next: On the ground at Johnson Co. Exe. Olathe Kansas.

Note the gear in the down & locked position.


TachyonDriver said...

I do indeed note that the gear is down and locked! Great pics Dan!

Dan George said...

Thanks--I try. I really do. LOL