Thursday, June 1, 2017


May is gone already.  Nearly half the year is gone with it, and I have no idea where that went either.  Time flies.  What does that have to do wth flight simming?  Not much at all.  Just an observation.

Our flight sim world seems to slow during the summer months.  I've noticed this each and every year since I started Greenbrier Virtual Aviation (now Greenbrier Aero Club) and it holds true this year too.  Most everyone does a few flights here and there, me included, probably when it rains and they can't do outdoor things.  Truthfully I find that I appreciate the few flights I do get to do more than if I was flying every day.  Quality over quantity I guess.

Enjoy the flights you do get to do.  Enjoy the outdoors too.  Winter will be upon us soon enough.

May is officially closed.  Stats for the month below.

Total fight hours reported:  59.4 hrs

Total number of flights (all flights):  53 flights

Number of pilots reporting flight hours: 11

Average length flight (all flights): 1.1 hrs

GAC hours reported:   56.7 hrs includes all event, destination, and general flying
                  Light Event hrs:  9.4 hrs

GVA Hours: 2.7 hrs

Total GAC/GVA Hours: 59.4 hrs

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Ryan Padgett said...

Sorry I couldn't get more flight time in. On a trip right now, but as soon as I get back, I'll start flying again.