Tuesday, June 20, 2017


And I bet you've already figured it out.

It all started innocently enough with a crazy (in hind sight) idea to actually do a few flights featuring those "fly over" states. You know the places I mean, those areas where there's not much to see--no important history and little stunning scenery. Just...space.

On the ground at KOKM Okmulgee OK. Yeah, I'd never heard of it either. Turns out the place was founded in the mid-to-late 1860's by the Creek Indian Nation and all was well--until oil was discovered. You can guess the rest after that.

The town presently has a population of a little over 12000 and has been losing population steadily. Okmulgee is located east central Oklahoma. Most of us would say "nothing to see here, move along".

Off the ground and climbing for FL240 (amended to FL260) for the two and a half hour flight to Saratoga WY & Shively Field, another place I'd never heard of.

Been a long time since I've noticed one of those. Still a nice sight.

Saratoga is one of those places far off the beaten path but offers several points of interest to those willing to spend a little time and effort. A historic hotel and nearby mineral hot springs offer relaxation and the area boasts extensive fishing.

Yeah, I sound like a tourist guide.

I'm putting off the inevitable, so I might as well move along now.

I'm over easter Wyoming and starting to think about landing. Incidentally, Saratoga lies in south central Wyoming but not near the Interstate highway system.

Turning for final.

Seconds to go and all is well--except for that dang warning horn and I'm nowhere near stall speed.

I was impressed by the shower of sparks I was rewarded with for a perfect no point landing. I think this is going to leave ugly marks and cost a little--maybe even a lot--of money to hide.

I don't think those scuffs will buff out.


granitesquare said...

Oh,oh! Skipped over that one on the checklist eh. Been there done that. :-)

Ryan Padgett said...

Me too. Perfect landing, them SHRCKSKSKSKHKSSSS

Dan George said...

HAHAHAH, sort of. Glad to know I'm not alone ;-)