Sunday, May 28, 2017

Telluride to Tahoe "T to Shining T"

OK OK, it's a crappy play on Cee to shining Cee. There, happy now? LOL

I had wanted to do a flight from Telluride to Lake Tahoe so as to have a flight plan in my file of standing flights--those flights that I tend to do regularly--and I wanted to do a take off in the "non-recommended" direction at KTEX. The info on the Telluride approach plate notes that landing on 9 and taking off on 27 is recommended but landing and take offs in the opposing directions are not prohibited and since both ends of the runway have PAPI lights I guessed that some fools must occasionally land on 27 and take off on 9.

After having taken off on 9 I have to say I'll probably stay with the published procedures. Oh, it can be done easily enough with a turbo-prop, and in a jet 9 would be no real problem at all, but those teeth (read mountain peaks) were uncomfortably close when flying out in my King Air.

This and the next three: Views from KTEX with only a comment or two inserted here and there.

Looking towards runways 9-27 from the apron. We'll turn right , taxi down to the head end of 9 and take off. In the future I'll try to get a shot of the mountains I was taking off towards. Generally speaking, they are closer than these.

Over Nevada, maybe 20 minutes out from South Lake Tahoe, KTVL.

Turing for final approach to TVL, 15 miles.

You should be able to see the PAPI lights about now.

Welcome to South Lake Tahoe, where the rich play and hang out.

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Bill Cox said...

Wow, very nice scenery and flight too!