Saturday, May 27, 2017

My neck of the woods...

Life's been a little hectic recently, but made time this weekend for a glider flight. I'm sure glider's come under the GAC remit... if not then by all means discount the flight time, but enjoy the screenies.
(NOTAM - a real thunderstorm chased away my gliding opportunity today at the club (Bowland Forest Gliding Club) where I'm a member I.R.L. The sim won't actually fry me with a real lightning strike, so carry on!!)

Our club does have a K21, although not in these colours.

Waiting at the end of RWY12. There's the hill in the background (Parlick)

Here's what the view for takeoff looks like. The field does slope downhill for a bit. The clubhouse and hangar are behind the trees to the left. Longride Fell is dead ahead.

The winch cable's live and we're waiting for the "all out" signal. A bit of a crosswind, but no real problem.

After a good launch (about 1200 feet) we head towards Parlick to hopefully find some ridge lift and some thermals - after all there's the odd thunderstorm about.

After a beat or two up and down the east bowl, we're heading back south west. A local beauty spot - Beacon Fell can be seen in the upper centre of the shot.

The view out of the left side of the canopy shows Longridge Fell stretching across the top of the shot.

At least there's no rain yet!

I can see my house from here! We fly over my home town, well village really: Chipping.

I mentioned Beacon Fell earlier - here's a closer look, just above the side of the cockpit. All pine trees and scrubland, but a nice place for a picnic all the same.

There's the west coast of England in the distance. (FSX NOTAM the dark blotches are the shadows created by Cumulus X, but they don't quite work properly in FSX:SE under DX10)

Back to Parlick to top up some height. The club field is just above the glider in this shot.

We needed the height to ensure we could fly out to the town of Longridge itself yet still not have to land out. Longridge is where I spent most of my life until my mid twenties. I can see my parent's house from here!

Well, we've not been hit by lightning nor rained out of the sky, so time to head back. Flying past the airfield with a fair bit of height to lose - no problem for me LOL!

A bit fast on approach, but that will soon bleed off.

No landing shots as I was concentrating..... :)
Waiting for a tractor to come and recover us.



Dan George said...

WOW!! Excellent tour and scenery. Of course gliders are welcome :-)

Ryan Padgett said...

Cool! That airfield is literally a field!

Dan, are vintage fighter jets okay too?

Dan George said...

Since we are a flying club they are. The biggest limitation I want you (inclusive) to follow is that this is a site for small airplane enthusiasts--antiques (built before WW II) excepted.

Bill Cox said...

I haven't tried gliders yet, but wow, very impressive.

TachyonDriver said...

The thing is with gliders Bill (if you didn't already know) is to pitch for certain airspeeds - slow down for thermals, speed up to get to where you need to be. I was trying for 70 knots on the approach, using the airbrakes to increase my rate of descent, then rounding out near the floor to let the speed decay for the actual landing.