Monday, May 22, 2017

Low to High

One of the fun training flights for us old timers (actually crew familiarization into/out of specific airports) was the flight from Palm Springs CA to Telluride CO. Sometimes we'd get a chuckle out of the trainee when we arrived at KTEX.

Altitude provided the fun.

You see, sometimes we'd forget to mention the sudden and extreme altitude change's effect on the human system to the newbie. Most of us spent a lot of off time hiking, skiing, running, whatever, at higher altitude. Most of the time above 6K feet in Colorado.

Getting ready to leave Palm Springs on one such familiarization flight.

Taxiing out for a take off on 13R for the hour and 3/4 flight. In case you have forgotten, Palm Springs is at sea level while Telluride lies at just over 9000 ft. Quite a change if you aren't prepared for it.

Final begins at 13000 ft itself. Still within pressurized cabin settings and we'll drop into Telluride quickly. The airport is a sort of aircraft carrier field. Bulldozed out both the side of a mountain and with an abrupt drop off at the approach end of runway 9, the normal approach direction.

Ahh, here we are.

This and the next two are scenes from a normal Telluride arrival and taxi in.

Anyway, we'd send the newbie crew member out to unload our luggage and any freight we might be bringing along. If the newbies weren't careful they'd run out all full of lemonade and vinegar and start grabbing and tossing bags and boxes to show the proper level of energy and spirt and in about 30 seconds we'd see him (or her) land flat on their duff. Yep, altitude effect at work.

It only ever happened once to any newbie. Still worth a chuckle though. Then we'd lend a hand and get things unloaded--all the while moving properly slowly.


granitesquare said...

Nice shots Dan. Now that LM will be releasing v4 on 5/30, flight simulator will take another dramatic turn as the developers push the new envelope. I imagine it will become much more immersive but some old and familiar addons may not survive the change. I am looking forward to our stories benefitting from ever increasing realism.

Dan George said...

I looked at some screenies just this morning from a (supposed) beta team member. If what I saw is the truth, then we are in for some very good things. I may have to upgrade once some add-ons are ready.