Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Today we're flying the King Air 350i from Milan to San Giusto on the Italian west coast.
 Flying in a foreign country always gives us looks at airline paint schemes we don't see stateside.
 Off from Milan, we'll climb to 8000 feet for this fairly short flight.
 Here we're making our turn toward the coast.
 As we get closer the terrain gets mountainous.
 Until we get to the Med.
 Turning on final for San Giusto.
 You can see the airport in the distance.
 On final.
While taxiing in yet another foreign (to us) airline.

NOTAM:  This flight was inspired by my oldest son's recent vacation to Italy.  While he didn't fly to the coast from Milan, it was of course the only way for me to do it.

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Dan George said...

Nice flight and a fine vacation spot.